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Characters appear in writing of all kinds, even non-fiction, and often the characters in a piece of writing are what most attracts or repels readers. There are almost as many ways of creating characters as there are writers, but every writer can learn something from what other writers do.

Oliver at Literature and Libation has put together a blog post on character formation that is entertaining, informative, and brilliantly illustrated. Even if you glean nothing to use in your own writing practice, reading this post counts as time spent thinking about writing. (It’s likely to improve your blood pressure as well.)

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What happens when we allow self-conscious perfectionism to direct our writing practice? We often stop writing, stop practicing, and our progress as writers stops as well. When we don’t write, we cannot continue our work; when we don’t practice, we cannot improve on our craft.

Doug Beyer reflects on this simply but eloquently in a recent post at his eponymous blog, which is “about writing and food.” While you’re there, check out some of the other thoughtful things he has to say about writing — even his food posts seem to tie back to writing in some way.

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I ran across this wonderful post by Albert Berg about working on the things we don’t do well or necessarily enjoy. For each of us, there is some aspect (or several) of our writing practice that we don’t excel at or gravitate toward. Life being what it is, that’s often the very thing that would take us to the next level as writers.

The discipline we need to develop our craft doesn’t come easy, unlike our propensity to fall short of the goals we set for ourselves. Thankfully, each day gives us a new opportunity to try again and timely reminders from fellow travelers to give us a much-needed boost.

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