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We’ve reached the halfway point of November and NaNoWriMo. How is your writing going?

Maybe you’ve fallen off the pace or missed several days of writing or just never got it together. That’s okay. You could decide to start right now. And when people ask what you did in 2018, you could answer, “I started my novel/short story/memoir/poetry collection/non-fiction book.” It’s really that easy.

If the thought of writing 50K gives you the willies, set a goal that works for you: 50 words, 50 pages, 50 minutes, 50 hours. You can even sign up at NaNoWriMo with your custom goal. Because every writer deserves support and encouragement — and heaven knows we all need it.

To that end, check out this blog post by Geoff Le Pard with some lovely pictures and ideas that may inspire or comfort or just plain make you smile. Enjoy!

And then get to work. NaNoWriMo is not about winning; it’s about seizing the opportunity to write.

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Writing is often described as a solitary activity, which is both true and misleading. Many aspects of the work of writing are best done (for most of us) in solitude, though there are exceptions to every rule. But even the most reclusive of writers needs other people to do her work: editors, agents, publicists, dog walkers, baristas, family members, printers, postal carriers, etc.

Today’s post at Positive Writer highlights some of the most essential members of a writer’s team: Four People You Positively Need in Your Writing Life. It’s a quick read, but if you can’t come up with a name for each category, you owe it to yourself to spend a little time thinking about who you might recruit. Because good writing is most definitely not a solitary activity.

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